Seasons Greetings form Four Rivers Fishing Company!

Ok, here I go at my first true attempt at joining everybody in the 21st century.  With the creation of the new web site Corey has developed this thing called the BLOG.  Now I do not claim to know what a blog is, how it works or even what I am suppose to say but I have been instructed to just sit down and type.  What comes to mind is what I guess will be passed on to you.

First thing I want to say is Happy Holidays and I hope that everybody out there has had a fun filled holiday season and the in-laws were not too much to bare.

It is hard to believe that another new year is upon us and I am already starting to think about the upcoming fishing season.  As I sit here completing my outfitter logs (all those daily trip sheets that you remember filling out) I am thinking of our show season that is just around the corner.  We will be attending 4 shows around the country this year and hope that if you are in the neighborhood that you are able to stop in and say hello.  We start the show season by being in two places at one time.  I know you are saying to yourselves: “how can this be”.  Well, as Frank (the tank) gets on a plane to go to Somerset, NJ, I will be getting in my truck and heading to Denver.  I don’t know why these show organizers can’t get their acts together and come up with a schedule that works for everybody.  The shows in Somerset and Denver will be the weekend of Jan 23-25.  This will take care of the east coast and the middle part of the country then it is back home for a few weeks.  The weekend of Feb 20-22 finds us out in the bay area at the Pleasanton fly fishing show.  The following week we will be hanging out at a brand new show for us in Spokane, WA.  Any of you out there that are used to seeing us in Bellevue we will not be there this year so if you find the time and need to take a drive across the state we would love to see you.  If any of you have friends or relatives in the Spokane area let them know that there is a fly fishing show going on the last weekend in Feb.

For those of you that know and even some that don’t, Robin and I are expecting twins sometime between the 1st and the 12th of Jan.  All three are very healthy at this time and other than the fact that Robin is very uncomfortable and rather large around the mid section everything is great.  We are both very much looking forward to the girls (Lilah and Claire) arrival after the first of the year.  Since neither one of us has ever had babies all comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Robin being the lawyer and the studious one has done all her do-diligence and seams to be more than ready.  I on the other hand continue to take the common sense approach.  I feel that after the girls are born instinct takes over and things begin to just flow.  Anyway, this all sounds good in theory and I know that everything is going to be great

It is looking like the drought that has had its grips on us over the past 8 years is finally going away once and for all.  Although the winter got off to a slow start and we were able to enjoy a long beautiful fall it has come on like gang busters over the past month and has dumped upwards of 10 feet of snow in our mountains.  What this means for us is that we got to enjoy a very white holiday season and some great skiing and you will enjoy great water throughout the entire summer without any river closures.  All we can really do is cross our fingers and hope that the snow that came in Dec will continue for another three or four months and then we can all get on with what is truly most important: fishing.

If you have already planned your fishing vacation and want to go ahead and book your trip give us a call at 406-684-5651 and we will get you in the books.  If you still have some additional questions do not hesitate to give us a call or write an e-mail and either Robin or I will be back with you in short order.

We are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones during the ’09 season.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Happy Holidays to everyone!  As Greg said, I am large and uncomfortable and awaiting the birth of our girls.  I am also looking forward to April 2009, when our season officially begins.  It will be great seeing familiar and new faces during next season.  Our brand new shop is getting a little overhaul due to a small but destructive water leak that has necessitated us replacing half of the hardwood floor.  Thank goodness for insurance!  We have been busily working on pre-season retail orders to fill the shop with things you can’t resist.  I am proud to say that last year was a banner year on the retail side for our shop.  Please give us feedback and suggestions for things that you would like to see next year.  I look forward to hearing from you as you begin to firm up your fishing plans!

All the best,