april 21

another day on the maddy…nymphin was solid again…stones and small mayfly nymphs rollin into caddis in the later afternoon…again baetis and caddis around but not in the numbers as the day before.  big fish were on the prowl yesterday.

on another side note. 2 dudes from the shop caught one on the big hole.  aka dirt hole!!  UGLY

April 20 report

local rivers have been slightly ugly lately with all the low level snow run off we have seen in the last week.  70 degree temps have not helped either.  with that being said the upper end of the beav is already clearing and should fish….yesterdays reports of the madison were very solid as well as the ruby.  nymphing through out the day and lookin for noses later in the afternoon.   have been seeing quite a few baetis during the day leaning towards caddis in the evening.

needless to say…rollin back to the maddy today! :)    report to come

Apr. 13 report

sitting inside today watching the massive blizzard dropping 1″ snow flakes….still comtemplating jumpin in the boat! :)

fishing has been pretty solid.  big hole is beautiful right now.  clear and fishing well…skwallas are cruisin’ around a little bit but still waiting for the better top water days! nymph game is happening! streamers have been pretty solid too.

huntin up a few nice ones down river on the jeff as its falling into place nicely.

to put it this way…2 of the nicest fish of the year were caught within the last week on both rivers :)