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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

2019 was by far the best season we have had at Four Rivers Fishing Company to date! The water held up on all of our rivers, except a short afternoon closure on the lowest piece of the Big Hole River. The Beayerhead seems to be doing extremely well given the amount of steady water that is now being released throughout the winter months. Bug life was back up, fish size was good, and the grasshopper fishing this past summer was insane! The Jefferson continued to produce some dandy fish and overall great numbers of good sized rainbows and browns. The Madison fished consistently like it usually does. All in all, the year was a success! As of mid January, we are currently looking at an SWE(Snow Water Equivalent) of roughly 99% in the Jefferson Drainage and 94% in the Madison. With our two best snow months to come, things are looking to be an above average year for water around these parts. Click the link to see up to date snow pack info :

Our 2020 New Years Resolution this year was somewhat simple…. We have not had to really use the social media avenue or the fishing reports to help grow our business. Thankfully, we have done this mainly through word of mouth, repeat clientele, and personal interactions at the various Fly Fishing Shows that we attend each winter. However, we do realize that it is 2020 and many people are now using these different outlets to help plan their trips or to give them direction on where to visit next. So, our resolution is to make a post at least once Monthly! I hope you all enjoy and a Happy New Year to everyone.


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