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Four Rivers Fishing
Trip Information

What are your thoughts on tipping – any suggestions?
Asked by many of our first time guests. There are a few ways to look at this scenario. How hard did your guide work? Did he get you into fish? Did he go above and beyond the call of duty? Was the fishing tough? If so, did he stay cool and try different techniques? A good tip starts at $100 per day from each angler. A great way to set the stage for your second day is to tip your guide at the end of day one. Guides need to keep stocked on many items – tippet, flies, beer, sunblock, soft drinks, trucks need oil changes, trailers need bearings, rods need new lines, and girlfriends and wives need to be brought to dinner. These things are all taken care of with the tip money in our pocket throughout the summer.


As professional guides, we are 100% in the service industry. We can’t control the fish, or the weather. What we can control is the atmosphere on the water. When a guide takes your expectations and makes them a reality, tip him at the end of the day. Just like the waitress that morning for breakfast and the housekeeping staff. Your guide sets the tone for the day. If you get off the water and feel like your guide did more than just get the job done, let him know you appreciated it. As a result, odds are, you might be taken to that “double secret spot” on day two!


How far is Twin Bridges from Yellowstone National Park? 
Twin Bridges is approximately 115 miles from the city of West Yellowstone, about two and a half hours driving time. Heading up MT-287 North from parts south comes right through Twin Bridges.


How far is Twin Bridges from the nearest major airport?
Bozeman, MT (BZN) offers the most daily commuter flights to cities around the country.  We highly suggest looking at flying into Bozeman as the airfare is reasonable and it is only 85 miles from our fly shop.


Any recommendations on where to stay in Twin Bridges?
4 Rivers has rooms and cabins available for rent. Reservations can be made by calling the fly shop 406-684-5651, or send an e-mail to


Can I buy a Montana fishing license on-line?
Yes. You can buy your Montana fishing License on-line by clicking on this link ( We are also a licensing agent for the state of Montana fish and game, and you can buy your fishing license here once you arrive.


When’s the best fly fishing? When should I come fishing?
Each season here in Montana brings different techniques to the table, and the best advice we can give you is to talk to one of us at the shop. For example, if you are a dry fly purist – October isn’t really a good bet. However, if you like lots of trout and uncrowded rivers – October could be the “best” for you. Many of our clients wait until AFTER August to come for some of the best fly fishing opportunities.

Can you teach us how to cast and fly fish?
Here at 4R we pride ourselves on having the most patient and knowledgeable guide staff around!  Every season, we teach novice anglers how to cast and read the water, and experienced anglers will also leave with a better understanding of the art of presentation.   Both Seth & Chris are very picky on who they hire as guides to ensure that every day spent on the water with a guide from 4R is a quality learning experience.


Recommend a specific type of fly rod/reel combination?

On most days, we can adapt our techniques to suit whatever rod you bring. The wind can certainly blow at times in the Ruby Valley, but you can’t let that stop you from getting the fly to the fish. For this reason, our guides carry rods that are suited for all situations that could arise. These rods are available at all times, and often rigged and ready to go in the boat for the ever changing conditions we fish in. If we had to pick one rod, a fast action 9′ 5 wt. or a med/fast 9' 6wt.  Conditions vary from day to day, but as a rule, anything in the 9′ 4-5-6 wt. range should work. Our guides also have a  boat rod or two that is “lined up” – for example putting a WF6F line on a 5 wt. will help punch a big dry or a double nymph rig into the wind. Sink tips have their place for streamers in the spring and fall, but overall don’t see much use.

Are there any restaurants in Twin Bridges?

Yes. Twin Bridges has three restaurants to choose from. All of them are within 3 blocks of the Four Rivers Fishing Co. If you enjoy a fine dining experience, our favorite is our local 5 star restaurant, The Old Hotel (, where the food and service are second to none.  The Blue Anchor serves delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinners. Finally, The Shack is located two blocks from the shop and serves excellent pizza, subs, and sandwiches.  The Main Street Market is located across main street and has a great supply of groceries, as well as a liquor store, and a deli.  They Main Street Market also provides us with our hearty guide lunches daily!

Should we bring foul weather gear?

Yes. Weather systems move through the front range of the Rockies in a hurry. It can snow in June and we’ve seen it snow in August. Generally, quick dry fishing shorts or pants and wading sandals are the norm in late June, July and August – but remember there are no guarantees in life. This definitely applies with Montana’s weather. A good system of layers is recommended, a lightweight fleece or windstopper is priceless, and a raincoat/pant of some sort should be mandatory. Southwest Montana summer thunderstorms are just plain powerful, and you don’t want to be caught in one without a raincoat or foul weather gear.


Can we rent a car once we arrive?

We don’t have rental car agencies available here in Twin Bridges. We are a very small town, population a little over 400. However, if you are flying into Butte, Bozeman or Helena, there are rental car companies there at the both airports. For driving directions, map and more information on airlines serving Bozeman, click here.


Can I book my fly fishing trip for next year now?

It is not uncommon for many of our clients to book a year in advance. In fact, its becoming more the norm.  We actually recommend it, so you can work your trip around your schedule. As soon as you know when you can come fly fishing, let us know, and we’ll check availability.


Got a question? Send us an e-mail. We’ll answer it as soon as we can!

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