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Ruby River

Without a doubt one of SW Montana’s most under fished rivers. It seems like the Ruby River is always good for a few fish when times are tough elsewhere. Very accommodating to the wading angler, there is more public access water than you can fish.

A smaller version of the Beaverhead, this tailwater supports dense insect life, and a denser population of Browns and Rainbows. From the spring hatches of Baetis and Bluewings, to the May and June caddis swarms, the Ruby has plenty to offer in the dry fly arena.

The mid summer to fall terrestrial fishing is also something everyone should have on their list. Worthy of mention as well is the streamer fishing; the Ruby River is a great place to introduce someone to the art of moving the fly. I will take a cloudy, rainy day in August any time on the Ruby.

If it has bunny fur or rubber legs, you can swing it, strip it, jig it, dead drift it and twitch it – and probably draw strikes. The smaller water of the Ruby seems to lend itself to many techniques, offering the beginner a variety of approaches, without getting too wrapped up in the line management required on some of our larger rivers.


On the other side of the coin – these trout are no slouches. Smaller water, difficult lies, demanding casting and somewhat selective trout can test the skills of any angler.

From the dam at Ruby reservoir downstream to the town of Sheridan, the upper seven miles of river has ample public access, brought to you compliments of Trout Unlimited with the cooperation of some local ranchers.

A fairly self explanatory river, many of our guests start or finish their vacation with a day walk wading on theRuby River.

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