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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

With the inevitable runoff close now, we still have a few rivers hanging in there.

Big Hole: The entire reach below the Wise River is pretty much shot at this point. Watch the flows, and if things hold steady you may be able to find some fish in the slower inside corner zones. Above the Wise River, the clarity has varied day to day. Fishing a large attractor dry and dropping either a san Juan worm or a pats rubber leg below it is the best bet. Also, dragging streamers off the edges can effective for larger trout.

Beaverhead: The stretch from the Dam to Pipe Organ is closed and will remain closed until the general operner in late May. Pipe Organ to grasshopper will remain the best bet on this river. Nymphing with worms, sowbugs, and BWO patterns is going to be the best bet. Add lots of lead to get your flies down as the water is very swift.

Ruby: The releases from the dam are starting to come up. Your best bet will be nymphing in the stretch directly below the dam downstream to vigilante. Worms and BWOs will be the ticket.

Madison: The river is holding on strong right now. The West Fork is slowing starting to get dirty, but there is plenty of visibility to fish on a daily basis. Nymphing with worms, BWOs and stoneflies should stay good for a bit here. Also streamers are a great call… zonkers and mid sized sculpins.

Missouri: Flows are high, but the fishing from the dam downstream can be quite effective. Long leaders and lots of lead. Think winter water and deeper runs

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Chris Knott

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